Can I Sue My Business Partner?

I am asked this question frequently by clients who are co-owners of a business, when they discover (or believe) that their partner is improperly taking money out of the business, or is taking actions that are detrimental to the business. As with most everything in the legal world, the answer is: it depends. First, it … Read more

To Kill a Community Theater?

A controversy has been building regarding the stage version of one of my favorite books: To Kill a Mockingbird. For 50 years, a script owned by Dramatic Publishing written by Christopher Sergel has been performed in community and high school theaters around the country. Now, a version written by Aaron Sorkin is doing very well … Read more

What is a Litigator?

I have been practicing for nearly twenty years now, most of that time as a civil litigator – sometimes known as a trial lawyer. These terms have important meanings, as many lawyers today have never set foot in a courtroom. There are so many areas of practice that simply do not require a lawyer to … Read more

Home Construction Litigation in Ohio

Reasons for Home Construction Disputes Construction is an industry that seems to create more legal disputes than most other fields. Some of that is due to the fact that homes are the single largest purchase most people make – and they have to live there every day. As a result, defects do not go unnoticed; … Read more

What if I Have to Breach a Contract?

Minimize Damage When parties sign a contract, the understanding is that both sides intend to carry out the promises they make. However, it sometimes happens in the business world that a company finds that there is no way for it to fulfill its contractual obligations. When this is the case, it is important to proceed … Read more

Franchise Litigation

What is Franchise Litigation? Some lawyers work in the area of franchise law, which primarily involves creating and registering the documents that franchisors need in order to legally sell franchises. There are also a lot of trial lawyers – attorneys who actively perform court trials. But an attorney who is experienced in franchise litigation is … Read more

Squeeze-Outs in Ohio

Small businesses often operate like families (in fact, many small businesses are owned and operated by actual family members). Because there are few people involved in running the business, everyone has to work together and interact constantly. Small businesses are also like families because fighting and personality conflicts can become a serious issue. A large … Read more

Can I Be Sued For Something Written By Someone Else?

As a follow-up to my previous article, I wanted to discuss the law regarding when you may be held liable for something that another person posts. For example, if your company runs a website that has a comment section, or if you post something on Facebook and one of your friends writes a comment. If … Read more

Can I Be Sued for What I Post Online?

Many people use Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media so frequently that it becomes a routine part of their day. (You can decide for yourself if that is a good thing or a bad thing). The purpose of this post is to remind people to be careful, because when something becomes routine, we tend … Read more