Shareholder/Member Rights in Ohio

Small businesses often operate like families; in fact, many involve actual family members. Because there are few people involved, everyone has to work together and interact constantly. They are also like families because fighting and personality conflicts can become a serious issue. When it gets bad enough, a large company has the ability to move … Read more

Employee Non-Competes in Ohio

Employee Non-Competes in Ohio Have you heard of a covenant not to compete, sometimes called a non-compete? It is a clause that appears in many employment contracts. A non-compete provides that after termination of the relationship, the employee agrees not to compete against the employer within a specified geographic region for a certain period of … Read more

The Third Option in Commercial Litigation

By the time a client has come to their lawyer for help with a litigation matter, they are usually already in a “wartime” mindset. They have either just been sued or have been wronged in a manner serious enough that they want to sue someone. In the commercial context, the players involved are normally a … Read more