Corporate structures and transactions are foundational to every business. Whether it is the early stages of forming your company (Business Formation), organizing your company in the best structure to meet your needs (Corporate Restructuring), or selling/acquiring an existing business (Mergers & Aquisitions), you need an experienced corporate attorney to ensure that everything is done right. The Bryant Firm is Located in Troy, OH Weather your business is in Dayton, Troy or any other city in the Miami Valley of Ohio, the legal professionals at The Bryant Firm will come to you if you can't travel to Troy. We are dedicated to offering PERSONAL ATTENTION to all of our clients.
The Bryant Firm Serves the Dayton area. Pictured here is the Historic Dayton Courthouse.
The Bryant Firm specializes in Corporate Law and Business Litigation

The Bryant Firm has worked on many corporate transactions -- ranging from small businesses that sell for $10,000 to complex, multi-million dollar asset sales.


The Bryant Firm has also helped shareholders resolve disputes through negotiation or litigation in a way that allows the company to remain intact.

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