The Bryant Firm, LLC is a law firm founded by Todd Bryant in 2015. Based in Troy, Ohio, but serving all of Western and Central Ohio, our practice focuses on: commercial litigation of all types, construction disputes, consumer claims, real estate litigation, and providing general business legal advice to individuals and businesses of all sizes. The Bryant Firm was started with three core values in mind: PERSONAL ATTENTION, QUALITY SERVICE, and CREATIVE SOLUTIONS. Whether you are starting a new business or find yourself navigating a difficult legal dispute, we can help. In all cases, our goal is to achieve the best results possible for our clients — at an affordable rate. For this reason, our policy is to provide flexibility in our legal fee arrangements, in order to properly tailor our legal services to your problem. 



The Bryant Firm is committed to giving our clients personal attention. You will not be passed off to some junior staff member who cannot answer your questions. We will personally handle your legal matter, be up to date on the current status, accessible for you to reach, and will keep you informed of all developments as they happen. The best legal services can only be provided when the attorney and client have a personal connection.


As a client of The Bryant Firm, you will receive the highest quality service. We take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into every contract, every legal brief, and every project we undertake. Details matter, and we approach our work with the commitment to generate the highest quality product. We are uniquely able to provide the level of quality you expect from a large, expensive, downtown firm — but at the cost of a small town practice.


Solving complex legal problems often requires thinking creatively. At The Bryant Firm, we always work to understand your unique circumstances and focus on achieving your goals. The best path to success is not always the usual, obvious path.  Often, it turns out to be completely different than what was originally envisioned. The only way this can happen is when the attorney is focused on results, and willing to apply creative thinking to find strategies to achieve those results.